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The Rolling Stone of History. -- Surprising revelations -- Ancient Cities that are now no more -- Effects of Cataclysms upon the human race -- The rise and fall of nations -- Cave dwellers who became masters of the world -- The first boats -- Building a strong nation -- The earliest navigators -- Evolution of the ship -- Discoveries of the ancients -- Islands of the long ago -- Changes in the earth's surface -- Commerce of Troy with India -- Expeditions sent out by Menelaus and Neco -- The circumnavigation of Africa by the ancients -- Solomon's navy -- Discovery of the West Indies by Carthaginians -- Hamilcar's voyage to the North seas -- Wonderful lands and fountains -- Astounding adventures of Hanuo -- Weird sights on the shores of ancient Africa -- Witches and Snake charmers -- Among the mermaids -- Voyage of Pytheas, the philosopher -- Tears of sorrowing sea-birds -- Discovery of a new world -- A wondrously profitable commerce -- A northwest passage -- The Romans pass to China by a north route -- Destruction of the Roman empire


Visions of the past. -- Eastward and westward of human life -- The greatness of ancient Carthage -- Venice the mistress of the sea -- Beliefs respecting the earth's shape -- Teachings of the great philosophers -- Fabulous islands of the Atlantic -- The Viking navigators -- Overrunning Europe, yet in the van of the Crusaders -- Discovery of Iceland -- A fish as large as an island -- Settlement of Iceland -- Discoveries of Erik the Red -- On Greenland's frigid shores -- The Sagas of old Icelandic history -- Discovery of America in the year 889 -- Verdant shores and prolific woodlands -- Adventures in the New World -- The first white man that ever set foot on the American continent -- Killing of Thorwald by natives -- His last instructions while dying -- Finding of a skeleton in armor -- Expedition returns to Greenland in the year 1005 -- The voyage of Thorstein -- Death of Thorstein -- Proofs of Norse settlement in America -- The courtship of Thorfinn -- The first white baby in the New World -- The Dighton writing rock -- Church records respecting the discovery of America -- Killing of the first priest -- Collection of Peter's pence in the New World -- Crusader volunteers from America -- Interruption of communication -- Disappearance of the New World colonists -- Imperilled by the savage Esquimaux -- Terrors of the Black Plague -- Terrible cataclysm that destroyed a part of China -- How the Greenlanders were destroyed


Discovery of America by Zichmni and Zeno. -- Caught by a terrible storm and driven upon a strange shore -- Attacked by the natives -- A bold rover of the north -- A cruise among Atlantic islands -- A surprising discovery in Greenland -- Castaways on the shores of a new world -- Interview with a King in America -- Description of the new country -- Intercourse between Greenland and America -- Captured and eaten by Cannibals -- A sole survivor -- How he served his captors -- The Aztecs of Mexico -- Final rescue -- Attacked by savage Irelanders -- Zichmni makes a settlement in the New World -- Speculations as to the strange land that he visited -- Spirit of discovery excited by Columbus' first voyage


Early Navigators and Examples of their monster Vessel. -- A view from the plateau of the nineteenth century -- Passage of the Atlantic before the time of Columbus -- Noah's Ark compared with modern vessels -- Egypt a country of marvels -- A great naval battle 1250 B.C. -- The monstrous ship built by Ptolemy IV, which was propelled by 4000 rowers -- The magnificent and colossal Thalamegus -- The giant fleet which Hiero sent against Carthage -- An ancient ship that exceeded in size and splendor of any modern vessel


Superstitions which long disputed the progress of discovery. -- The chains that shackle mankind -- The growl of superstition at the door of knowledge -- Tales of goblins damned -- The hand of Satan on the sea -- Beliefs of the middle ages -- The awe of boundless perspective -- Demons contending in the sky -- Dangers of an angry ocean -- Imagination of the sailor -- Unnatural forms of the deep -- Portents of safety and disaster -- The old time sailor -- Odds and ends of strange fancies -- Curious beliefs and practices -- Good luck and the evil eye -- Singular vagaries and conceits -- The shock of a sneeze that was always fatal -- Lucky and unlucky days, names, and events -- Forebodings, and fortune amulets -- Witches and storm-breeders -- Mermaids, sirens and seals -- The mermaid wife who forsook her human husband -- Horses and oxen of the sea -- Monstrous serpents and other frightful forms


Story of the doomed Bishop. -- Condemned to pass thousands of years in the form of a fish -- The contrary Bishop of Malta whom Paul sentenced to do penance in the sea -- Apparitions and Phantoms -- A ghost appears to Captain Rogers -- Saved by a warning -- A sister's spirit gives forewarning of a brother's death -- The spectre of a murdered fiddler -- Ghost of a deserted sweetheart -- The ghost of Capt. Kidd -- The screaming woman of Marblehead -- Stories about spectral crews -- A ghostly company that come up out of the sea once every century -- Wandering islands -- The Phantom Ship -- The Flying Dutchman -- The crimes for which he suffers -- In pursuit of the spectral ship -- Ghostly ships of extraordinary proportions -- A Monk who visited islands of the damned and the blessed -- The story that suggested Dante's Inferno -- Origin of the ghostly ship -- Real spectres of the sea -- Why the spectre ship was commanded by a Dutchman -- Dying superstition


Marco Polo's visit to the Great Khan of Tartary. -- The most interesting land journey ever made -- Marco's travels prompted Columbus' first voyage -- John Cabot in Mecca -- -- A brief biography of the Polos -- Circumstances under which the elder Polos went to Cathay -- They are sent back to Venice for Christian instructors -- The little boy Marco returns to Cathay with his father and uncle -- The wealth of Ormus -- Crossing the great Gobi desert -- The Polos attached to the Royal Court -- Marco is educated for the Khan's service -- Appointed governor of Yunnan when only twenty -- Denial of request for permission to return to Venice -- Description of Marco's travels -- Tale of a devout shoemaker -- How faith removed a mountain -- The sight of a pretty girl's leg causes the loss of an eye -- A Paradise filled with Peris -- Intoxicated with sensual delights -- The keeper of Paradise brought to judgment -- Illusions of the desert -- Whispering fiends -- Strange funeral customs -- A surprisingly degrading practice -- Travellers permitted to take the place of husbands -- Efforts of the Khan to suppress the evil -- The people wedded to their folly -- Indestructible cloth of Salamander skin -- Story of a wonderful handkerchief -- In the country of Prester John -- Defection from Umcan -- Founding a new nation with Genghis Khan as ruler


The Great Khan Wins a Wife by battle. -- Genghis demands the daughter of Umcan for a wife -- Refusal leads to war -- Ceremony performed by the astrologers to forecast the result -- Defeat and death of Umcan -- Imposing funeral ceremonies at the burial of a King -- A terrible slaughter -- Musk animals of Tartary -- How the musk is obtained -- The magnificent marble palace at Ciandu -- A herd of 10,000 white horses and as many mares -- Mare's milk used only by royalty -- Marvellous power of the astrologers -- Not withstanding their supernatural abilities they are cannibals -- Kubla Khan suppresses an insurrection -- Defeats a body of 500,000 cavalry -- Orders the execution of the leader by tossing him in a carpet -- The harem of the Great Khan -- How his wives are obtained -- Bewildering palace at Cambalue -- Description of its size and splendors -- The walls of the city -- Its battlements and streets -- How the social evil of Cambalue was utilized -- The Great Kahn at dinner -- The Khan in his birthday robes -- Supplications to the gods -- The Great Khan as a hunter -- His retinue of 10,000 persons -- His extraordinary riches and how his store of gold was collected -- The wisdom and generosity of the Emperor -- The King's care of the poor -- The first use of coal as fuel


In the land of Gold and ugly beasts. -- Polo confounds crocodiles with serpents -- Descriptions which he gives of the creatures -- How the natives capture them -- The Tartar robbers -- Means they employ to prevent torture when captured -- A country in which infants are attended by their fathers -- A gold and silver monument set over the body of a King -- Its dazzling beauty -- The lion hunters of Cintiqui -- Clothing wrought from the bark of trees


A Remarkably just Emperor. -- The famous district of Mangi -- The rich and mighty Fanfur -- How he surrendered himself to all manner of sensual pleasures -- Care and education of orphan children -- The Great Khan invades the territory of Mangi -- Flight of Fanfur -- His wife captured by the Khan -- Attack on the rich city of Sainfu -- Assaulted by engines devised by the Polos -- A bombardment with stones which compelled the city's capitulation -- A wondrously rich and populous country -- The city of Quinsai with its marvellously beautiful Palace -- The royal preserves and magnificent gardens -- The man-eaters of Fugiu -- Great vessels in the India trade -- How they were built and propelled -- The fight for Zipangu -- Invasion of Japan -- Houses covered with gold -- A story of wealth that exceeded the caves of Genii -- The capture of one city -- Beheading of the captives -- The eight enchanters -- A wonderful stratagem -- Execution of two Barons -- Marco Polo's return voyage -- Visit to the East Indies -- The Unicorn of Borneo -- Killing and eating the sick -- A city offered for a ruby -- A -- King without clothes -- How debts are collected -- Some extraordinary stories -- How a storm resulted in the discovery and settlement of South America


The false Hopes Of Columbus. -- How the story of Marco Polo excited ambition to reach Zipangu and Cathay -- The search voyage westward -- Discoveries lead to conflicts -- The Pope apportions the world -- ' Discovery of the West Indies -- John Cabot discovers North America -- Voyages of the younger Cabots -- Shipwreck and loss of the Cortereal Brothers -- Pinzon's adventures -- Discovery of the sailors -- Anew constellation of the Southern Cross -- Landing on strange shores -- A desperate fight with the natives -- Discovery of the Amazon, and of New Spain -- A search for the fountain of youth -- Balboa discovers the Pacific -- A journey through Central America -- The long quest for gold -- A fatal jealousy -- Execution of Balboa -- First fruits of European dominion in the Pacific -- Establishing a route across the Isthmus -- Proposition to cut a canal -- Disasters overtake Loyasa's expedition -- Renewal of disputes which the Pope could not reconcile -- Discoveries in the Pacific -- The voyage of Saavedra -- Attacked by native slingers -- Visit from a sorceress -- Beautiful island women -- Why a canal was not cut through the Isthmus -- Further discoveries in the Pacific -- Settlement on the Philippines -- Intrigues with the natives -- Friar Urdaneta's passage -- Description of the habitations of the Philippine Islanders -- An alliance established by exchanging and drinking blood -- Zebu selected as a place for settlement -- Opposed by the natives -- Destruction of the capital and massacre of the islanders -- An Island whence Solomon obtained his riches -- Among the Cannibals -- Worship of toads and other reptiles -- Kidnapping a boy -- The natives murder ten Spaniards -- A bloody vengeance -- Claimed to have visited the southern continent


Voyages Of Vasco da Gama. -- An ambition to circumnavigate Africa -- King John's belief respecting the continent -- Secret preparations for a voyage -- His sudden death -- The ceremonials of courts -- Grief displayed -- The people hail his successor -- The skeletons of three large ships excite curiosity -- For what purpose had the King intended them? -- A hidden chest discovered -- A search among its contents reveals King John's ambition -- Legends of other voyages -- Prester John and his magnificent court -- A message from Cavilham who is a prisoner in Abyssinia -- An astrologer casts the King's horoscope -- Preparations for a dangerous voyage -- Eighteen murderers sentenced to death accompany the expedition -- Appointment of Vasco da Gama to the command -- Departure of the squadron -- First passage of the Cape -- Buffeted by terrific storms -- A mutiny quelled by strategy -- Maladies and fears -- First appearance of the scurvy -- Capture of hammerhead sharks saves the expedition -- Trouble with the sultan of Zanzibar -- Reception of da Gama by an African King -- Making good use of a soothsayer -- The King is invited on board da Gama's ship -- Swapping big stories -- Some presents that gained the King's favors -- The ghost-nut -- Departure from Melinda


A Remarkable Prophecy. -- Legend of the conquerors -- The vision of Calecut -- At anchor before the city waiting for a messenger -- Curiosity of the King of Calecut is excited -- A great story teller -- Traffic with the people -- Commerce of the Moors in India -- Offerings of presents to his majesty -- Exchanging marks of friendship -- Reception by the King -- His appearance and the jewels that adorned his person -- Dangerous jealousy of the Moorish merchants -- In the palace of the King -- Da Gama is made a prisoner -- His arrest results to his advantage -- Surprising sights in the far east -- An exciting race after native swimmers -- Torture of prisoners -- Powder pots used by da Gama -- A massacre of the natives -- A bloody episode -- Return of the expedition -- Another expedition, of thirteen sail, proceeds to India -- It results in the discovery of Brazil -- Destruction of enterprises founded in the east


Da Gama commands another expedition. -- A fleet despatched to avenge the massacre of the Portuguese -- A motley crowd of sailors -- The bloodthirstiness of da Gama -- Punishment alike of friend and foe -- Devotion of Mohammedans -- The pilgrimage to Mecca -- The ship Khadija laden with pilgrims returning to India -- Da Gama gives pursuit -- Mirth and gladness suddenly turned to sadness -- Piracy and murder -- Da Gama robs the pilgrims -- The Mohammedans fight for their lives -- A desperate battle -- Horrible butcheries -- Da Gama encloses his helpless prisoners of men, women and children in the ship and sets fire to it -- A scene unparalleled in history -- Miserable end of the barbarous voyagers -- The red trail of the Portuguese butchers -- Da Gama sent again, as viceroy of India -- He dies of poison -- Demon and Portuguese synonymous terms in India -- Da Gama's ghost, pursued, by the spectres of his victims


The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico. -- Effects of da Gama's voyages -- The Island of St. Domingo -- Ambitions of its Governor -- The subjugation of Cuba by Velasquez -- The escapades of Cortez -- He joins the expedition against Cuba -- Religion and effeminacy of the Cubans -- The burning of an heroic chief -- Settlements and cities founded in Cuba -- Cortez the hero/of a love adventure -- Expeditions to Yucatan -- Cortez appointed to the command of an expedition against Mexico -- How he recruited his force -- In the idol temples of Yucatan -- A battle with the natives -- Conversions to Catholicism -- A terrible slaughter of Indians -- Indian maidens distributed among the Spaniards


Emissaries of Montezuma visit Cortez. -- The landing at Ulna harbor -- Founding of Vera Cruz -- An interview between the Indian governor and Cortez -- Stories of incredible wealth -- Presentation of exquisite and valuable gifts -- Cortez refused permission to visit the Mexican capital -- Cortez inflamed with passion -- A meeting in camp -- A self-constituted council set up -- An alliance with the Totonacs -- Scenes in the chief city of the Totonacs -- The horrible custom of offering human sacrifices -- How the victims were obtained -- The great pyramid upon which sacrifices were made -- Ceremonies connected with the bloody rites -- An act of inconceivable perfidy -- Twenty girls and as many boys demanded for sacrifice -- Indian maidens become wives to the Spaniards -- Destruction of the idols of the Totonacs -- An altar to Christianity erected on the pyramid of sacrifice -- Horrible punishment of the mutineers -- On the march to Mexico


A Picturesqueness of Landscape Truly Marvellous. -- The great beauty and fertility of the country -- A passage of the Cordilleras -- More altars for human sacrifices -- Architectural wonders of the City of Naulinco -- A meeting with the Tlascalans -- Their Independence maintained by constant war with Montezuma -- Wonderful walls about their capital city -- A bloody battle with the Tlascalans -- Six thousand dead upon the field -- Another terrible battle -- Four hundred men against more than one hundred thousand -- Gorgeous decorations of the native soldiers -- Astounding bravery displayed -- A dearly bought victory -- A third desperate battle -- Cortez appeals to the religious fervor of his soldiers -- An overture for peace -- Cortez orders the hands of the ambassadors cut off -- His triumphal entrance into the Tlascalan capital -- An alliance with the Tlascalans


Preparations for the Invasion of Mexico. -- The full fighting strength of the Tlascalans at Cortez's disposal -- Cortez sends a threatening communication to Montezuma -- His crusade against idol worship -- Obsequious messages from Montezuma -- The march to Cholula -- A magnificent reception -- Treachery of the Cholulans discovered -- It is seized by Cortez as a pretext for massacring six thousand of the inhabitants and burning the city -- A horrible scene of riot and carnage -- Destruction of the temples and institution of Christian worship -- Description of the great temple of Cholula -- The depressing fears of Montezuma -- A journey through flowery vales and luxuriant landscape -- First sight of the Mexican capital -- A wonderfully inviting view -- Wealth and splendor of the Mexicans -- Montezuma anticipates his fate -- His offer to become a vassal to Charles V -- Cities of the great Mexican Valley -- A scene of bewildering splendor -- How Cortez was received by Montezuma -- The Emperor's generous hospitality -- The entrance into Mexico -- Interview between Cortez and Montezuma


Cortez's Fears are Excited by the importunities of the Tlascalans. -- Description of the great pyramid and sacrificial altars of Mexico -- The peril of Cortez' situation -- Montezuma seized as a hostage -- Burning of two chiefs in the market place of Mexico -- A raid on the magazine of the capital -- Building of Brigantines on the lake -- A demonstration towards destroying the sacrificial altars -- A force sent against Cortez by the Spanish sovereign -- A forced march of brave fellows -- Cortez falls upon the Spanish force in the midst of a storm -- He compels Narvaez to acknowledge submission -- Capture of several vessels and military supplies -- Reorganizes, recruits his army and returns to Mexico -- A slaughter of Mexicans while at their devotions -- A furious attack upon the Spaniards -- The Mexicans inspired to extraordinary acts of valor -- The havoc and peril that induced Cortez to appeal to Montezuma -- Fatal wounding of Montezuma by his own men -- His resolve to end his bitterness in death -- Hand to hand fight on the tower -- Heroism of Cortez -- Overtures for cessation of hostilities refused -- Retreating through a hail storm of weapons -- Towers built to provide protection for the retreating Spaniards -- A crash at the breach -- Horrors of the situation multiply -- A night of terrible agony -- A ghastly sight at which even Cortez wept -- The retreat back to Tlascala -- A desperate fight in the mountain passes -- Capture of the sacred banner -- Cortez recovers from terrible wounds


Cortez Plucks the Flower Glory out of the bud Of defeat. -- Recruiting another expedition against Mexico -- Capturing vessels and enlisting their crews -- A vast army and supply of military stores secured -- A plague of smallpox -- Death of the emperor -- Guatemozin becomes monarch of Mexico -- His energy in putting his capital in a state of defence -- Cortez builds a fleet of Brigantines -- A battle upon the lake -- A wail of anguish -- Desperate fight on the causeways -- The Spaniards fall into a fatal trap -- A terrible slaughter at the breach -- Awful sacrifice of Spanish prisoners -- A spectacle that freezes the blood with horror -- Starvation compels a resort to cannibalism -- A prophecy of calamity -- Terrible battle in the streets of the capital -- The city is set on fire -- Capture of the emperor -- Horrors which followed the siege -- 75,000 dead bodies in the streets -- The torture of Guatemozin and the prince of Tacuba -- Mexican treasure sunk in the lake -- The Mexicans are reduced to slavery -- Work of rebuilding the capital -- Magnificence of Cortez's palace -- A rebellion in Paluco -- Conversion of the people -- Suspicious death of Cortez's wife -- The white wings of peace -- Cortez sets about new conquests -- Fatal rebellion of Olid -- Cortes leads a land march of 1500 miles -- Incredible sufferings -- Execution of Guatemozin -- Fresh troubles weigh upon Cortez -- He goes to Spain to answer charges -- His marriage to a noble lady -- Return to Mexico with additional honors -- He wastes his fortunes in fruitless expeditions -- -- Divested of all authority -- Proceeds to Spain with a petition to his sovereign -- Disappointments destroy all his hopes -- Neglected and denied justice he attempts to return to Mexico -- The last hours of Cortez -- Reaction of public sentiment after his death -- Frequent disturbance of his remains


Magellan's voyage to the South Sea. -- A glorious day in Seville -- A procession of notables -- Appearance of the commanders -- A sight of bewildering splendor -- The departure from Seville -- A voyage to the great unknown -- Terrifying sights in the sky -- The excitable historian -- A marvellous water-bearing tree -- Man-eaters of the deep -- Mother Carey's chickens -- Giants of Brazil -- Some wonderful stories -- Seeking a passage to the Pacific -- A useless trip up the La Plata -- Origin of Cannibalism among the Patagonians -- Facial disfigurements -- Imitativeness of the people -- Wonders increase -- Strange animals of impossible creation -- A fight with Patagonians and burning of their village -- How the natives cure the stomach ache


A mutiny among the crews. -- A plot to abandon Magellan -- Mendoza's impertinent threat -- Assassination of Mendoza -- A perilous task -- Execution of the conspirators -- Cartagena and a priest put on shore -- Wreck of the Santiago -- Discovery of Magellan Strait -- Hurrah! Afloat on the Great South Sea -- Loss of the San Antonio -- Away, across the Pacific -- A long voyage and provisions scarce -- Starvation at last stalks the decks -- A barren island discovered -- Land ahead ! -- The starving men at last reach shore and the expedition is saved -- Among the South Sea Islanders -- Hospitality is paid by treachery -- A fight with the Islanders -- Departure from the Ladrones -- Arrival at the Philippines -- Kindly received by the King and Queen -- Planting the standard of Spain -- The King is converted arid baptized -- A great day for Christianity -- Levying tribute upon the Island of Matan -- The natives resist and a battle follows -- Horrible but heroic death of Magellan -- Treachery of the Islanders -- Massacre of Spaniards -- Serrano cruelly abandoned to a terrible fate -- Stories of inconceivable wealth -- Fear and famine do dreadful execution -- Abandonment of the Trinidad -- Pursuit of a famine-stricken ship -- The survivors are welcomed back to Spain



A black chapter in history. -- Plunder and torture of Indians -- Applying live coals to the feet of a Mexican King -- Origin of slavery on the Caribbean islands -- Kidnapping natives -- Cattle raising in Hispaniola -- Boucan, or jerked beef -- Origin of the term "Buccaneer" -- Whence was derived the word "filibuster " -- Sailors turned soldiers -- Free rovers on desperate undertakings -- England and France give license to prey on Spanish commerce -- A defeat of the English -- Capture of colonists -- They are freed and re-establish themselves -- Formation of a communistic settlement -- Occupation by the English and French of many islands -- A fort built at Tortuga -- Capture of the place by Spaniards and massacre of the people -- A few survivors turn freebooters -- English and French sailors and Colonists become pirates against Spanish ships Rapid increase in their numbers -- All the world's cut-throats find employment on the sea -- Desperate and valorous, the Buccaneers are always ready for a fight


Fortification of the Robbers' nest. -- Tortuga the great stronghold -- How the island lent itself to the plan of defence -- Desperate prowlers of the deep -- Capture of the Spanish treasure ships -- Incredible amount of spoils taken -- Mercilessness of the Buccaneers -- Execution of their captives -- Cutting off heads for pastime -- A chronicle of demoniac acts -- Reckless bravery of the Buccaneers -- Cromwell's defeat of Charles I -- The effect on the naval war with Spain -- English are driven from their designs on Hayti -- Poisoned thorns in the line of march -- An immense fleet -- A conquest without spoils -- Conquest of Jamaica -- Peter the great -- A merciless character -- Capture of a Spanish galleon -- Scuttling his own ship -- Peter robs his own men and squanders his fortune in France


Bartholomew the Exterminator. -- His desperate fight with an armed galleon -- His braggadocio leads to his arrest -- Condemned to death -- A hair-breadth escape -- Striking down his guard he leaps into the sea -- Four days hunted with bloodhounds -- Escaped from his pursuers, other dangers are encountered -- Making a club by aid of a fire -- A fight with a jaguar -- Bartholomew finds safety at last -- Rejoins his followers and captures the vessel from which he had escaped -- A massacre of the crew -- Other cruel and desperate pirates -- Cutting a Spaniard in two with one stroke of a cutlass -- Severing ears from the heads, and toes from the feet of victims -- Cross-eyed John -- The price of blood


The Buccaneers seek to acquire landed possessions. -- The typical Buccaneer -- Mansvelt chosen commander of the cut-throat band -- Ambitions of Mansvelt the bold -- Costa Rica adopted as a base for operations -- Objection to Buccaneer government -- Henry Morgan the sea bandit -- His first service, when a boy, as servant to the Buccaneer commander -- A man of destiny -- His bravery unequalled -- Active preparations for war -- Morgan becomes a captain and turns his attention towards Cuba -- Designs upon Puerto del Principe -- Landing of the pirates -- The Spanish cavalry attack the bandits -- A terrible battle and the cavalry is repulsed -- The gates of Principe blown down by gunpowder, but the fight continues in the streets -- Capture of the city, and pillage of the people -- Torturing prisoners to force exposure of their hidden treasures -- A riot of outrage -- Abandonment of the sacked city and retreat back to Tortuga -- Dividing the spoils


Attack on Puerto Bello. -- Extraordinary wealth of the place -- A startling strategy -- A thrilling episode -- Nuns and monks employed as advance skirmishers -- A slaughter of the priests -- An exchange of courtesies -- Destructive explosion of a man-of-war -- An act of extraordinary bravery -- Defeat of the Buccaneers by the Spaniards -- A masterly piece of strategy -- A burning vessel sent down through the files of the Spanish fleet -- Escape of the Freebooters -- A furious bombardment -- An expedition against Panama -- Forcing a way through the tropical growth of Central America -- Storming a fortress -- An act of marvellous heroism -- Capture of the Spanish fortress


Rewards fixed for services and for injuries. -- An expedition up Chagres River -- 1200 men exposed to the dangers of tropical floods and starvation -- Perils encountered from alligators -- A journey of extraordinary hardships -- The famine -- Devouring the dried skins of beeves -- A burning corncrib -- Disappointment following the capture of an Indian village -- A terrible storm -- In sight of Panama -- A foot race for the field -- A bloody spectacle -- The battle of Panama -- A thousand savage bulls -- A desperate situation -- A terrible clash between the bulls and the cavalry -- A gallant charge supported by sharp-shooters -- The capture of Panama -- A riot of murder and rapine -- Inhuman cruelties to prisoners -- Escape of a large treasure ship -- Priests, nuns, women and children held for ransom -- Morgan falls in love with a fair captive -- The Spanish lady rejects all his offers -- His brutal efforts to enforce compliance -- The burning of Panama -- Ransom of the Spanish lady by her husband -- Execution of the priests who attempt an appropriation of the ransom money -- Treachery of the commander -- Morgan gathers up all the treasures and abandons his compatriots


Decline of Buccaneering. -- Effects of the wars of the Grand Alliance -- The ex-bandit becomes Judge Morgan -- He punishes his former compatriots with merciless severity -- How he rebuked his partner in crime -- Savage destruction of the Buccaneers -- Bandits of the ocean wave -- Last appearance of the Buccaneers -- The Cartagena expedition -- Agreement for dividing the plunder -- A serious row precipitated by a drunken man -- The attack on Cartagena -- Entrance to the city -- Defeat of the Spaniards and terms of peace purchased at the cost of half their possessions


The plunder Of Cartagena. -- In violation of their agreement the Buccaneers proceed to plunder the city -- The manner in which they despoiled the Spaniards -- A system adopted for the collection of the booty -- A quarrel over the spoils -- A fine row between two official rogues -- The citizens hire filibusters to guard their homes -- The English outwitted by the French -- The French return and plunder the city for a second time -- The people submitted to all manner of torture to extract money -- The filibusters cheated out of their ill-gotten gains -- Escape of de Pontis and capture of the robbers -- A singular appeal to the law -- The vast booty acquired at Cartagena is lost in litigation -- Ambitions of a dying monarch -- Dangers that threatened the Buccaneers -- Last of the Buccaneers


Voyage of Tasman. -- History of discovery among the East Indies -- Preparation for a voyage of discovery in search of a southern continent -- Tasman placed in charge of the expedition -- Discovery of Van Dieman's land -- The first view of New Zealand -- Tasman's ship surrounded by hostile New Zealanders -- Murdered by Indians -- A desperate fight in the sea -- Discovery of other islands north of New Zealand -- A profitable intercourse with the natives -- Hospitable but thievish -- Meeting the old chief of Amsterdam -- Description of the people -- An Utopian Republic -- A singular punishment for thieving -- Characteristics of the natives of Utopia -- Among the New Guineans -- Their appearance and customs -- A fight with the natives -- The timidity of Tasman prevents him from making important investigations -- Results of his expedition


Expedition of Sir Francis Drake. -- The death of Magellan puts a stop to discoveries in the South Sea -- Disputes arising from the apportionment of lands made by the Pope -- The intrepidity of Drake -- Drake is recognized by the queen but is refused a commission -- Preparations to send out an expedition against the Spanish -- Secrecy maintained by Drake -- Dangers in the South Seas -- His departure on a pirating cruise -- In trouble with Barbary Moors -- Capture of a Spanish vessel -- A strange sight witnessed on the shores of Brazil -- The natives recite incantations and make an offering of sacrifices -- A terrible thunder storm believed to be the result of diabolical arts of the natives -- Footprints of giant stature traced on the ground -- In contact with the Indians -- Description of the natives -- A battle with the Patagonians -- Death of two members of the expedition -- A charge of mutiny preferred -- Trial and execution of Capt. Doughty -- The extraordinary coolness with which he submits to the executioner's axe -- Incidents in the passage of Magellan Strait -- A slaughter of penguins provides provisions for the crew -- Meeting with a pigmy race of Indians -- Visit to a Fuegan village -- Driven out to sea and loss of the Marigold -- A discouraged crew attempt to mutiny and return home -- A party sent on shore attacked by Indians -- A massacre and horrible sufferings of two survivors -- One dies from thirst, the other picked up and returned to England


An attack in which Drake is wounded. -- Proceeding up the coast of Chili -- Capture of an Indian fisherman -- Through his efforts provisions are obtained from the natives -- Capture of a Spanish galleon with an enormous quantity of gold, jewels and other valuables -- Surprised by a body of 300 Spaniards -- The capture of a wonderfully rich treasure -- Peru thought to be literally filled with gold -- An exciting chase -- Capture of another rich galleon -- Valuables to the amount of $720,000 obtained -- Drake conceives a new ambition -- He decides to attempt a northwest passage -- Capture of other Spanish vessels on his way -- Among the natives of California -- The discovery of tobacco -- A camp on shore -- Fear of the natives induces Drake to erect a fort -- Orgies of idol and demon worship -- Women tear their flesh and dash themselves to the ground -- A bloody and terrible spectacle -- Drake receives the Indian King -- A remarkable procession of natives -- Singular ceremonies and kingly investiture -- Drake is crowned King of California -- Descriptions of the Indians and their villages


A voyage to the East Indies. -- Abandoning his purpose to find a northwest passage, Drake sails westward to the Moluccas -- Drake's ship is attacked by Islanders -- Description of the savage Islanders -- Reception to the King of Ternate -- Description of the royal barge -- Punctilious etiquette of the King's court -- The King's friends seek to induce Drake to visit him -- Prevented by fears of his personal safety -- Description of the King -- Animal life on Crab island -- An accident to the ship -- A pleasant visit to the island Booton -- Among the people of Java -- Description of the natives and their customs -- The return trip from Java to England


Honored as a hero yet condemned as a corsair. -- The great reception tendered to Drake on his return -- Serious/questions raised by Spanish claimants -- Banquet to Drake attended by the queen -- Drake is knighted by Elizabeth -- A love affair between Drake and his queen -- Drake placed in command of an expedition against St. Domingo -- A vigorous bombardment of the city is followed by its capitulation and destruction -- Cartagena becomes the next object of attack -- Burning of St. Helena and St. Augustine -- Prize money acquired by Drake divided among his men -- Destruction of the Spanish Armada -- Death of Sir John Hawkins -- A cannon ball strikes a chair from under Drake -- Death of Drake and an estimate of his services rendered to England


Cavendish's voyages around the world. -- Glory of the Elizabethan Age -- The spirit of discovery animates England -- Heroism of Cavendish -- Equipment of an expedition to the South Sea -- Cavendish is appointed to the command -- Capture and plunder of an African village -- Drake on the coast of Patagonia -- Discovery of the skeletons of giants -- Incredible sufferings of a Spanish colony -- Capture of four Spanish vessels -- Torture of a Spanish messenger -- A Spanish queen on the island of Puna -- Another battle with the Spaniards -- Cavendish destroys the shipping along the coast of South America -- A hot fight between Cavendish and the Spaniards -- Capture of the galleon and its rich treasure -- Singular disappearance of the ship Content -- Cavendish, reduced to a single vessel, starts for the Ladrone Islands -- Supplied with provisions by the natives -- An execution growing out of an effort to supplant the Spanish -- Efforts to keep secret from the Spaniards his landing at the Ladrones -- An interview with the devil -- King of a hundred wives -- Self-sacrifice of wives at the King's death -- Description of some curious customs -- Return of Cavendish -- Enormous wealth amassed by the expedition


Cavendish's second voyage. -- Excitement created in England by the treasures that he accumulated -- The misfortunes of Cavendish begin directly after his departure -- Cavendish's sad story -- Mutiny and treachery among his crew -- Astounding stories told by a voyager -- Five years among the cannibals -- Concerning the base treachery of Davis -- Hardships of Davis after separating from Cavendish -- Saved from starvation by the killing of a large number of birds -- The dog-faced men of Patagonia -- A plague of worms -- Cavendish's excoriation of Davis -- 24 of his men are killed -- Cavendish is defeated by the Portuguese -- A mutiny among the crew -- He attempts the execution of one of his men with his own hands -- Landing upon an island, he commences building a new vessel -- Attacked by savages and many of his men killed -- Cavendish falls into a condition of complete discouragement -- Letter written by the dying admiral -- The character of Cavendish


Voyage Of Mons. de Bougainville. -- A short history of the life of this great voyager -- His efforts to colonize the Falkland Islands -- Afterwards is commanded to transfer them to the Spanish -- A thrilling adventure at the crossing of the St. Lucia River -- Trouble with a Spanish viceroy -- His vessels are damaged by a storm, but he finds safety on the Patagonian coast -- His reception by the Patagonians -- Fuegan conjurers minister to a fatally injured boy -- Discoveries in the South Seas -- A pleasant intercourse with islanders -- Enthusiastic reception by the Otaheitans -- View of a fruit-bearing coast -- Female beauty unadorned -- Some ravishing views presented -- A wild disorder, incident upon the visit of so many beautiful women -- Bougainville is entertained by an aged chief -- At the chiefs invitation the French pitch their tents upon the shore -- After a long and delightful stay a tragedy ends the visit


An excursion among the islands Of the South Sea. -- An affectionate parting from the Otaheitans -- One of the natives accompanies Bougainville on his voyage -- Among the Fijians -- Appearance of the people who visited him -- Discovery of the Navigator Group -- A visit to the other islands of the Archipelago -- The crew is attacked with scurvy -- Bougainville's description of the islanders -- A woman disguised as a man found among the crew -- An extraordinary story told by the female hero -- A starving crew -- Attacked by cannibals -- Driven from island to island and everywhere refused provisions -- A misunderstanding with the natives -- Hostile natives frightened by the firing of a rocket -- Snakes and crocodiles -- The return to France -- Bougainville in the war for American independence


A Brief Biography of Captain Cook. -- His early disadvantages -- Apprenticed to a haberdasher -- Engagement as a cabin boy -- Rapid promotion, and part taken in the war with Canada -- Cook's account of an eclipse of the sun -- Placed in command of a scientific expedition to Otaheite -- In search of an Antarctic continent -- In quest of a northwest passage -- His tragic death at the hands of Sandwich Islanders


Cook's Start for the South Sea. -- Splendid equipment of the expedition -- Among the Brazilians -- Lost on the mountains of Terre del Fuego -- Habits of the Fuegans -- An extraordinary cuttlefish -- Reception at Otaheite -- Killing of a native -- Customs of the natives in disposing of dead bodies -- Theft of scientific instruments -- An entertainment provided by the natives -- Successful observation of the transit of Venus -- A band of native minstrels -- A gruesome memorial -- The sailors fall in love with Otaheitan girls -- Description of the islanders -- Concerning their domestic customs


The Female Dancers of Bolabola. -- A unique and pleasurable entertainment -- Costumes of the dancers -- First conflict with New Zealanders -- Killing of a chief -- Strange beliefs of the natives -- Another tragic incident -- A bloody spectacle -- Self-mutilation as an act of mourning -- An attack by the natives -- Cannibalism -- Departure from New Zealand -- Among the Australians -- Australian Boomerang throwers -- Game found in Australia -- Timidity of the natives -- An accident to the ship -- Curious customs -- Australian lance throwers -- A surprising thing seen on the New Guinea coast -- An inhospitable reception -- Arrival at Java -- Sickness and death at Batavia -- Running Amuck -- Extraordinary superstitions -- Return to England


The Object of Cook's Second Voyage. -- Belief in the existence of a southern continent -- Sailing of the fleet -- In a region of intense cold -- Angling for albatrosses -- A separation of the ships -- Examination of Van Dieman's Land -- How the natives live -- Evidences of cannibalism -- Six gigantic waterspouts -- The billy-goat attacks a native boy -- A ruined shirt -- Another reception at Otaheite -- A drama enacted by natives -- A grand feast -- Sacrifice of human beings -- Feast of the Restoration -- How the sacrifices are obtained


Separation Of the Ships and a Chief Pickpocket. -- Again anchored off New Zealand -- Cannibalism of the New Zealanders -- A shocking sight -- Remarks on cannibalism -- Abandonment of the search for a southern continent -- Discovery of new lands -- Arrival at Easter island -- Wondrous stone statues carved by an extinct people -- Descriptions of the statues on Easter island -- Wonderful relics on Tinian island -- The people of Easter island -- Products of the island -- Among the Marquesans -- Return to Otaheite -- The Otaheitan fleet -- War among the natives -- Other, islands of the Pacific -- A fight with savage, islanders at Traitor's Head


Among the New Caledonians. -- A fleet of canoes visits Cook -- Character of the natives -- Houses and boats of the Caledonians -- Anchorage at Christmas Sound -- Visited by the Fuegans -- Killing of seal and sea-birds -- Report of Captain Furieaux on the massacre of his men -- Nine men slaughtered and devoured by cannibals -- A horrifying spectacle -- Departure for England


Captain Cook's Third Voyage. -- Determination that a southern continent does not exist -- Expedition equipped to search for a northwest passage -- An Otaheitan at the English Court -- How he was received on his return to the islands -- Shooting at a man to see how far a musket would do execution -- Among the natives of Van Dieman's Land -- Further particulars of the massacre of Furneaux's men -- The story told by an eyewitness and participant -- Savage fury of New Zealanders -- Their conduct in battle -- Cruelties to prisoners -- A dance by beautifully formed women -- Arrival at the Hapaee group -- -- A wonderful entertainment at Hapaee -- Female wrestlers and boxers -- An extraordinary dance -- A band of bamboo players -- The female dancers punished for a false step


Reception by King Pouiaho. -- Preparation of Kava beer -- A feast in which Cook refused to participate -- An entertainment witnessed by 12,000 natives -- Initiatory ceremonies of royalty -- Burial alive of criminals -- Intercourse with Fijians -- War trumpets of the natives -- Meeting between Omai and his friends -- Otaheitan dead house -- Ceremony of offering a human sacrifice -- Cook obtains permission to witness the rites -- Description of the priestly service -- Ghostly ceremonies -- Consecration of the corpse -- Procuring the sacrifice -- The dead house -- Festivals at which numbers of humans are sacrificed -- Differences in dispositions north and south of the equator


A Dance by the King's Four Sisters. -- A battle between the natives -- Departure from Otaheite -- Discovery of the Sandwich islands -- Characteristics of the Sandwich Islanders -- A visit to the people of Nootka Sound -- A trade that was profitable to both -- Surrounded by canoes -- A visit to a Nootka village -- Appearance of the interior of their dwellings -- Inconceivable filth and degradation -- Among the Esquimaux, and death of Mr. Anderson -- Killing seahorses -- Stopped by the ice -- Return to the Sandwich islands -- Cook is made a god -- Story of Oro -- Visit to the Morai -- Demeanor of the natives changed -- Chief Terreeoboo visits Cook in state -- Generous offerings


First Conflict with the Sandwich Islanders. -- Thievery of the natives -- In pursuit of the thieves -- Circumstances preceding and leading to the killing of Capt. Cook -- A fight in the water -- Death of Cook -- Repulse of the mariners -- Forcing a surrender of portions of Cook's body -- Slaughter of Natives -- Desolation on the shore -- Burial at sea of some of Cook's bones -- Extraordinary veneration paid to Cook's remains -- The monument to his memory -- Departure of the expedition -- Death of Captain Clerke -- Among the Kaniptschatdalers -- Return of the expedition to England


Arctic Voyages. -- Discoveries in the north by ancient navigators -- First Arctic voyages -- Fate of the Greenland settlers -- Columbus in the Polar regions -- Spanish exploration in the north -- Killingworth's extraordinary beard -- Frobisher's strange discoveries -- A fight between explorers -- The loss of Sir Humphrey Gilbert -- Disappointment of John Davis -- Astounding sufferings of a wrecked crew in the Arctic -- Natural phenomena in the north -- A roll of honor -- Voyages to the North Pole


Story of a Starving Crew. -- Northwest Fox -- Founding of the Hudson Bay Company -- Everything frozen -- Looking for a copper mine -- Cook and Clerk e -- Effects of the Revolution -- Other explorers in the north -- Discoveries of Parry and Franklin -- Last voyage of Franklin -- Results of the Franklin loss -- Captains who have reached the North Pole -- Latitudes reached by famous Arctic explorers -- The overland journey of Schwatka


Voyages Of Nordenskiold. -- An attempt to make a northeast passage -- A fleet of four vessels compose the expedition -- Among the Samoyeds -- An abundance of animal life -- Bodies of men and animals in shallow graves -- A dance with Samoyed girls -- Into an unknown sea -- Tropical birds in the Arctic region -- Some strange facts -- Remarkable customs of Siberians -- Among the exiles -- The new Siberian islands -- Vast quantities of ivory -- Discovery of the bodies of mammoths -- Meeting the Chuckchies -- A Chuckchie feast -- Bargaining for specimens of native handicraft -- The approach of winter -- The Vega frozen in -- Removal of ship stores


Winter Amusements. -- Efforts to preserve the health of the men -- Unpleasant familiarities of the natives -- Fishing in cold weather -- A Chuckchie potentate -- Sending letters home -- The centre of a strong odor -- Scientific work of the expedition -- The long dark winter -- The January thaw -- How the Chuckchies eat -- A surprising scene -- Daybreak after a winter's night of six months -- The snow bugs -- Breaking up of the ice -- The return home -- First successful effort to find a northeast passage
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